Fan Appreciation Night at the AAC is shaping up to be a memorable one.

And, really, why shouldn’t it be? The Mavs have the longest active sellout streak in American sports at 618, including playoffs, roughly 15 consecutive seasons worth of sellouts. In addition, the first two playoff games have already sold out, which will stretch the number to 620. Just for reference, if a team began a new streak on opening night next season, that club wouldn’t surpass the Mavs’ current record until 2031.

That’s maybe the most important number to the organization, more so than win totals or playoff series victories or other records. No organization can exist without its fans, and none can thrive without continuous support from the faithful.

A win tomorrow would secure the most home wins in a campaign for the Mavs since the 2010-11 season. As it stands now, Dallas is 26-14 at home. The team finished 29-12 at the AAC in 2011. Since acquiring Dirk Nowitzki on draft night in 1998, the Mavericks have not finished a season with a losing record in its own building.

For starters, Sprite will be giving out Mavs hats to every fan, and there will be other special prizes given out throughout the night. In addition, all merchandise will be 25 percent off all night. Visit the Hangar before the game and check out the fan shop in the building during.

Naughty by Nature, one of the most well-known hip hop groups of the 1990s, will perform at halftime, presented by Bud Light. The group’s 1996 album “Poverty’s Paradise” won the Grammy for Best Rap Album, and their 1991 top-10 single “O.P.P.” is still considered one of the best and most famous rap songs ever.

Naughty by Nature - Down with OPP

MFFLs at tomorrow's fan appreciation night will be getting down with OPP!

Finally, we’ll get to see player videos thanking the fans throughout the night. It’s safe to say we all know by now what kind of stage presence Dirk Nowitzki has, so I can only imagine what he’ll be saying.

As much as the final home game of the regular season is a celebration of the Mavericks and what they’ve accomplished during this campaign and in ones before, it’s just as much about you, the fans. MFFLs have turned the AAC into a building in which the home players love to play and the road teams hate to visit. That’s the highest type of praise you can offer a fan base. For 41 games per season (plus playoffs), the Mavericks have played in front of a full house. That’s a pie-in-the-sky type of streak every organization can only envy, and it will stay that way for some time. And the team owes it to you.

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