Dallas Mavericks Mascot School Shows

mascot school shows

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The Dallas Mavericks Mascot School Shows are sure to excite your students with action packed shows in which your students get hands on experience with exercises in teamwork, respect (for themselves, classmates and teachers), goal setting and how their school work will help them reach new heights. All shows are 45 minutes to 1 hour and can be seen by the entire student body.

Dunk Shows are ONLY performed with schools that have regulation goals (One 10’ goal, 3’ from the back wall)
Mavs Man is sure to excite your students with this action packed show that includes acrobatic dunks off of a stationary mini trampoline as seen during home games at the American Airlines Center. Music and give a ways will entice the students to participate as Champ will help assist Mavs Man with choreographed passes. The program ends with high flying dunks that will surely to get your students on their feet.

Making Better Choices (Best suited for students K-12)

Mavs Man & Champ demonstrate better choices through role play and use signs that keep everyone involved.
Key Message: MAVS Acronym
Motivation – Identifying what students like – careers, dreams, influences
Activation – The process – character role play (mascots demonstrates)
Vision – Set goals for success
Solution – What it takes to solve a problem/differences

STAAR Preparatory Show (Best suited for students 3-6)

Your students can make wise decisions the night before and the day of your STAAR test that will give them the best score possible. Your students will be reminded of good test taking strategies to conquer the test. 

Key Message: CORE Acronym
Commitment – Set agreements between parents and teachers
Organization – Being prepared in every element
Responsibility – Be on time, make good grades, as questions if needed
Enthusiasm – Coming to school with a positive attitude, helping other, show school spirit

Anti-Bullying Show (Best suited for students K-8)

Key Message: STOP Acronym
Students – Identifying who’s involved
Together – Role play of objectives
Organize – Think before speaking and doing
Piece – Demonstrates how a peaceful mind can effect your life with solutions

Red Ribbon Week (Best suited for students 3 -12)

Key Message: JUST SAY NO!
Your students will visualize though character role play the consequences in a very serious situation. Students will participate by holding signs and chanting JUST SAY NO!

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