Community Ticket Block

The Dallas Mavericks Community Ticket Block Program provides charitable organizations with the opportunity to attend Mavericks games through donated tickets.

Download Request Form Here

Please read the following information very carefully.


To participate in this program, your organization must be a non-profit organization. You must include a copy of your 501c3, 170c IRS determination letter, or other government-issued letter/certificate stating your organization’s tax exempt status with your request form. Tickets must be distributed solely to beneficiaries of your organization. They may not be sold, exchanged, or used for fundraising purposes. Failure to comply will result in loss of eligibility for future ticket distributions.

If selected, each organization/school will be awarded only one block of tickets. Multiple requests from the same organization/school will be combined.

ALL children ages 2 and older must have a ticket. All youth must be chaperoned.

NO phone calls or emails to check on status of application. Selected groups will be contacted by the Mavs.

At least 50% of the participants in each Community Ticket Block group must be youth from the organization.


Organizations will be chosen randomly each month for the following month’s games. (i.e. Drawings for games in November are conducted at the beginning of October.) Groups will usually be notified of their status by mid-month.

Organizations that have not yet been drawn will remain in our raffle system to be eligible for further opportunities to be chosen for a game. Only one request form per group is necessary.

Game dates are NOT first-come, first-served. If your organization has a special request (i.e. cannot attend a weeknight game for any reason), you may explain this request on the Community Ticket Request Block form.

Don’t forget: Your organization’s participation in the Community Ticket Block is a privilege, not a right. Please be respectful and mindful of the guidelines.


What if I have an individual(s) in my group that needs a wheelchair-accessible seat? Please let us know this information on your request form or upon notification of being selected for a game so that we can try to accommodate you.

Can I invite friends/family outside of the organization to come to the game with my group? No. The tickets your group is allocated are to be used SOLELY by your organization. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

If I bring a few extra group members with me to the game, will they be able to get tickets? No. Your group can only use the number of tickets you were allocated. Extra group members must buy their own tickets.

If I do not have full attendance, but close to it, will I still be in the drawings for a playoff game? No. Playoff drawings are used to reward organizations that were able to have full attendance. Organizations with over 100% attendance will not be entered in the playoff drawings, either.

There are a few small children in the group. Will they need a ticket, too? Children 2 years of age or older are required to have a ticket.

The ticket block in my group is split into two (or more) sections. Can I change seats? No. Receiving free tickets is a privilege and should be treated as such. Dallas Mavericks players, staff, and season ticket holders have graciously donated tickets for you to use and should not be taken for granted. Requests for seat changes will not be accommodated.

Will the Dallas Mavericks provide a parking spot for my group? No. The Dallas Mavericks are not responsible for group parking. You can visit the American Airlines Center website for a parking map and parking lot descriptions. Prices vary depending on location.

What if my group plans to arrive by bus? We highly encourage you to arrive as early as possible to ensure you have a parking space. Bus parking is limited and requires a fee (just like any other vehicle). Bus drivers should be informed of this information.

If my group plans to arrive separately, do we have to wait for the whole group to arrive before receiving our tickets? Yes. The majority of your group needs to be present before tickets will be handed out.

Can I pick up the tickets for members of my group that have not yet arrived? No. Each individual will receive a ticket as they enter the arena. One person is not permitted to pick up tickets for absent group members.

Do I need to send a new request form each month for the drawings? No. Once you send in your request you are entered into the lottery system. Your information will remain in the system the entire season, though you will be removed from future drawings should you be selected for a game.